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Sunay Shah, MD

Dr. Sunay Shah, MD is an Interventional Cardiologist, renowned for his expertise in treating complex coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, and various other heart complications.

Dr. Shah specialized in training at the esteemed Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan. Under the guidance of world-renowned cardiologists, he honed his skills and expertise with a particular focus on complex coronary artery disease. He specializes in a range of complex procedures, including the placement of mechanical support devices and treating chronic total occlusions.

One of Dr. Shah’s expertise is in performing cardiac catheterization from the radial artery located in the wrist. By opting for this approach over the traditional groin approach, he has significantly reduced bleeding complications, minimized patient discomfort, and accelerated post-procedure recovery times.

Additionally, Dr. Shah is a strong advocate for utilizing intravascular imaging techniques to optimize stent placement. He believes that achieving long-term success with stents relies on precisely placing the correct diameter and length of the stent, an accomplishment made possible through intravascular imaging.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Sunay Shah enjoys a well-rounded lifestyle. He is a sports enthusiast and delights in playing basketball, football, and volleyball.  He also finds relaxation in dancing. Traveling is another passion that allows him to explore different cultures and unwind from his demanding profession.

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