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John Cherian, M.D.

John Cherian, M.D.

“Dr. Cherian is very thorough and inciteful. He explains things very carefully. He has really helped me and alleviated my concerns. I strongly recommend Heart and Vascular Care!”
– Tom // Alpharetta, GA

Dr. Cherian graduated from Christian Medical College and completed his cardiovascular fellowship at St. Vincent Hospital in Worcester, MA in 2011. Dr. Cherian practices clinical and invasive non-interventional cardiology and is proficient in various procedures including cardiac catheterization, TEE, and IVC filter implantation.

Dr. Cherian’s mission is to provide the best care to patients under the highest ethical standards. He is committed to helping patients and their families understand cardiac disease, pursue appropriate tests when required and understand different treatment options, enabling them to actively participate in their individual care plan and adopt a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Cherian is a member of the American College of Cardiology and keeps abreast of the latest developments through scientific meetings and journals. He enjoys traveling and playing tennis.

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Medical Award

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