More awards for HVC

Congratulations to Dr. Bhatt and Dr. Kakkar and the whole HVC staff. Awarded Best Interventional Cardiologists by Georgia Trend Magazine.


Pacemakers 101

What is a pacemaker: A pacemaker is a small, battery-powered device that is implanted permanently into the body. The pacemaker monitors the electrical impulses in…

Congratulations, Dr. Bhatt!

Get to know Dr. Adam Buntaine

"Love Dr. Buntaine. His bedside manner is great, he comes across as very caring and knowledgeable and makes me feel quite confident after my visits.…

Laqueta Nelson

Get to know Laqueta Nelson, NP

Meet Laqueta! The newest advanced practice provider to join the Heart and Vascular team. Laqueta moved to the Atlanta area from Chicago and now resides…