The Role of Heart and Vascular Clinics in Modern Healthcare

Posted by: Heart and Vascular Care in Cardiology on November 14, 2023

In the realm of modern healthcare, heart and vascular clinics stand out as indispensable institutions. These specialized facilities cater specifically to heart and vascular health, offering a range of services that are crucial in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. In this blog, we will explore the multifaceted role that these clinics play […]

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We’ve Now Seen 100,000 Patients and Counting!

Posted by: Heart and Vascular Care in Cardiology, Practice Updates on November 1, 2020

Heart health is always important and that’s why it’s worth celebrating that we’ve reached the milestone of seeing 100,000 patients! As of November 3rd, our hundred-thousandth patient was Mr. Francisco Rodriguez, who came in for a stress test, administered by tech Maria Manrique. Stress tests are necessary for a healthy heart You may be familiar […]

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Best Doctors in Atlanta, Georgia

Posted by: Heart and Vascular Care in Cardiology on July 21, 2020

Every Summer, Atlanta Magazine presents its top doctors in metro Atlanta, as chosen by their peers. Heart and Vascular Care has TOP DOCS again in 2020! Two of our doctors featured in the issue at top doctors (Interventional Cardiology) include Dr. Bhatt in Canton and Dr. Kakkar in Cumming. Congratulations! The issue is on news […]

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So you need a heart cath? Now what?

Posted by: Heart and Vascular Care in Cardiology on June 6, 2020

Heart catheterization is a diagnostic tool used to look for coronary artery disease. Traditionally this procedure is performed through the groin or femoral artery, but now there are less invasive, safer, and more comfortable techniques for doing these procedures: using the wrist or radial artery. If a severe heart blockage is found once a heart […]

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Pacemakers 101

Posted by: Heart and Vascular Care in Cardiology on May 19, 2020

What is a pacemaker: A pacemaker is a small, battery-powered device that is implanted permanently into the body. The pacemaker monitors the electrical impulses in the heart and, when needed, delivers electrical stimuli to make the heart beat (contract) in a more normal rhythm. This device is used when the heart beats too slowly (bradycardia) […]

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